Privacy, Security & Cookie statement

The Git Flow Chart Atlassian Bitbucket app (hereafter referenced to as APP) and the Software-as-a-Service offering (hereafter referenced to as GFC) are created by CollabSoft, a registered trademark of Software Defined Everything BV.

CollabSoft does not collect, store or process any personal identifiable information (PII). Any references to PII in either the APP or GFC is collected directly from 3rd party services (BitBucket, GitHub and/or GitLab). This information is only displayed on the client computer based on the public availability of the information on the 3rd party service. Users can disclose or hide this information by updating the privacy settings in the respective 3rd party service.

CollabSoft does not collect, store or process any private/sensitive information in the Atlassian Bitbucket Server app, nor does it collect, store or process any analytical or tracking data, or place cookies or tracking beacons in any app suitable for Atlassian server products.

Anonymous Google Analytics tracking is used in GFC. This anonymous information is used to improve the service offerings. No other cookies or tracking technologies are used by CollabSoft. Google Analytics is also used by Atlassian to collect usage information on the Atlassian Marketplace add-on listing pages of the APP. Any private information collected by Atlassian or third party partners on the Atlassian Marketplace website is governed by the Atlassian Privacy Policy.

Any personal information required for licensing and billing of the APP is collected and processed by Atlassian and is governed by the Atlassian Marketplace Terms of Use and the Atlassian Privacy Policy. CollabSoft has access to personal and billing information as part of the reporting and analytics features provided by Atlassian to Marketplace vendors. Billing information for GFC are stored in Stripe, a 3rd party service used by CollabSoft for billing purposes. CollabSoft has engaged in a Data Processing Agreement with Stripe to ensure proper handling of PII. 

You are only required to provide PII for billing purposes. By purchasing a license for the APP or a subscription for GFC, you are required to provide the necessary information for billing purposes only, and you agree that CollabSoft may contact you for information regarding the service and/or your subscription. CollabSoft uses CustomerIO and/or MailChimp for communication purposes, both for which CollabSoft has engaged in a Data Processing Agreement to ensure proper handling of PII.

CollabSoft uses Google GSuite for communications (incl. the support email) and Atlassian Jira Service Desk for customer support. Each of these systems may require you to provide PII, in which case you will have to agree to their privacy policies in order to use the products. By using any of these services to contact CollabSoft, you agree that we process the PII you provide through these channels. This information is processed solely for the purpose to provide you with product support.

CollabSoft also uses Google Cloud Platform / Firebase for storing anonymous data. Although no PII is processed by this service at this time, CollabSoft has engaged in a Data Processing Agreement to ensure proper handling of PII if this is stored by accident.

If you have any questions or comments as a result of this privacy statement, or if you wish to exercise any of your rights as Data Subject, please contact us at

This privacy policy can be updated by CollabSoft without prior notification. Please make sure to read this every time you start using the APP or GFC services.

Last updated: April 10, 2019